Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Return

Guess who's back? Back to my old ways of course. Coming back to the blog that launched me into a whole new world of sports. The blog that brought me intern and job opportunities from multiple media outlets and even more.

From this blog and the power of today's social media I was blessed with opportunities I never thought possible. The experience, memories and lessons learned from the day I left this blog to enter the media game is something I am proud to have. Taking advantage of today's technology gave me a head start I am grateful to have along with the multiple great people I have met over the past year. To those who have helped guide me I could never thank you enough. 

But now I'm back to the beginning. No restrictions on my work, I don't have to answer to anyone or limit what I want to say on here. This is my blog. With all my insight and personal opinions I will bring you what I can. 

All the work and experiences are great but they all strive off of one thing and that is my love for the University of Miami. I was born a Cane and I will ALWAYS be one. I represent The U with pride and I dream of being a student of their institution one day. A passion for the athletics at The U is what resulted in a year of improvement for myself.

For those who will read I hope you enjoy. For those who know me you know I'm always up for a good debate so any interaction on twitter is welcomed (@KylePuma). I don't only debate Canes I love all sports along with business, tv shows and music. On here expect to see reviews of canes scrimmages/games, recruiting news and team/player info. 

It's Great To Be A Miami Hurricane!

Sunday, April 14, 2013


     The Miami Hurricanes football team held their annual spring football game yesterday (4/13) at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. Estimated attendance was around 7,000 a little less than last years 10,000 but still had an energetic crowd. It did rain for the majority of the morning leading up to the game but it did not stop hurricane fans from tailgating outside of Sun Life. Many Miami alumni attended the game including Gino Torretta, Andre Johnson, Ray Lewis, Ken Dorsey and many more. Here's a review of the action.

  • Unfortunately we could not see every player in action, players out due to injury or other reasons were: -Phillip Dorsett-Allen Hurns-Jelanie Hamilton-Dyron Dye-Robert Lockhart-Brandon Linder-Shane McDermott-David Perry-Clive Walford
  • Herb Waters had the first touchdown reception of the game and was very impressive early on with multiple receptions for 10+ yards. He seemed to suffer an injury late in the first quarter to his arm/shoulder. After the game Coach Coley commented on it saying that he is fine it is nothing serious.
  • Stephen Morris was impressive showing off his arm strength and accuracy. He spiraled a couple of back shoulder throws early on that couldn't be more on point. As for the 2nd quarterback spot it is still between Williams and Crow. Crow beats out Williams in arm strength but accuracy goes to Williams who had a couple of nice early touchdown passes. They will continue to battle it out, decision will be made in the fall.
  • I'm not saying this just because I'm a fan but Duke Johnson is truly an incredible talent, could not be happier to have him on this team he's an excellent leader, role model and player. In the first quarter he had a 70 yard run breaking 2 tackles, also had 2 more runs for 20+ yards. He can change direction so fast and is able to weave through the defensive line, past the linebackers and high step his way around the DBs with his speed. As I've been saying all along the 2 spot at RB will go to Dallas Crawford, he runs hard and the coaches love him and his effort. As for the backs past those 2 it seems like it will be a "community" effort to make an impact in games. Still waiting on Clements to get cleared from his injury & freshman RB Gus Edwards to come in. 
  • It has to be understood that scrimmages contradict themselves, if wide receivers shine, it makes the defensive backs look bad, and if the defensive line stands out, it makes the offensive line look like they're not great. As that factor comes into play, the defense still did not look elite whether the offense showed them up or not. The D-line should not be a problem, Olsen Pierre is going to blow up this year and bring a lot of spotlight onto himself. Anthony Chickillo has gained some speed and used it to get 2 sacks on the QBs. 
  • Linebackers need to be more consistent. Denzel Perrymen who was demoted to a green jersey during spring practices picked off 2 balls yesterday and a handful of tackles. I heard he was demoted to green because the coaches wanted him to be a more consistent vocal leader. Freshman phenom Alex Figueroa never really had a chance to show off, he went down in the middle of the game with a lower leg problem. Coach Golden commented on him saying that it was nothing serious. 
  • I hope Artie Burns is ready to make plays as a freshman because it seems as if he is going to get a shot at a lot of playing time. The corners were not up to par and need some adjustments made before August. When opposing teams come out in a four receiver set, the four DBs should Tracy Howard, Antonio Crawford, Ladarious Gunter and Artie Burns. Also, freshman Jamal Carter should see the field a decent amount of time when Deon Bush and AJ Highsmith need to come out at safety occasionally. 
  • A touching moment I was happy to see was Malcolm Lewis receiving a touchdown pass for 70 yards. The play was setup by head coach Al Golden and Malcolm was covered by long time friend Tracy Howard who let him go to the end zone uncontested. Both benches followed Malcolm into the end zone and gathered around him welcoming him back to the field, a great moment bringing the team closer than they already were. His family was in the stands and they were not aware that the play was going to take place, they cried tears of joy saying "God is good".
  • A couple of Hurricanes legend jumped on the field for a play. Gino Torretta threw a touchdown pass to Andre Johnson and once again benches cleared it to the end zone to celebrate with them. In an interview after the game Stephen Morris commented on it jokingly saying Gino Torretta "Tried to show me up". 

 The spring game will wrap up the spring camp for the Canes'. Players will now work out without coaches and strictly with their teammates, and focus on finishing school. The team returns June 28th to prepare for the upcoming season, first game is August 30th against FAU at Sun Life Stadium. Audio captured after the game from Brian "The Beast" London and myself can be heard here via Brian's SoundCloud:

Saturday, April 6, 2013


         The Canes decided to take their talents to the west coast last night for their second spring scrimmage, before their spring game next Saturday at Sun Life stadium. Many people were concerned about the weather causing some issues for the scrimmage, but it wasn't a factor at all. The very nice Naples High School has a turf field so it wasn't muddy, and not one drop of rain fell during the night. I do think it affected the attendance though, the storms over Miami and south Florida might of scared some fans from making the drive to the west side. Last year an estimated 10,000 people attended the scrimmage in Fort Myers, this year an estimated 3,000 were in Naples. It was still a great atmosphere and overall a successful night, here are my thoughts on it.

  • Senior quarterback Stephen Morris had a decent night, nothing incredible but did what he is expected to do. Battling for the 2 spot is Ryan Williams & Gary Crow, Crow had a better scrimmage then Williams. Williams had a few overthrown balls and just couldn't seem to get into a rhythm, Crow seemed to have a good connection with the WR's especially Rashawn Scott. 
  • The offensive line continues to impress even without leaders Shane McDermott and Brandon Linder. Definitely didn't have the false start issues that they had in the first scrimmage at Traz, but the snaps were all over the place for the QBs. I'm sure that will get fixed when McDermott comes back.
  • The area that everyone wanted to see improve, in the off season, was the defensive line and we're finally able to see some impressive improvement. Anthony Chickillo had 3 sacks and 2 swatted down balls making people forget about his mediocre performance 2 weeks ago. My favorite lineman is Olsen Pierre, he is the man. He creates traffic at the line of scrimmage and can reach the QB with swiftness. Expecting a big year from him.
  • When the RB's were able to get past the D line the linebackers did a great job of backing them up rarely missing a tackle. One of the times a tackle was missed was when Duke Johnson shook Denzel Perryman out of his shoes but c'mon, it's Duke Johnson. The man that seems to be getting the most attention is Alex Figueroa and he keeps proving that he rightfully should be. He didn't miss a tackle, and big hits were delivered to RB's. 
  • Speaking of big hits, Jordan Tolson demolished RB Danny Dillard making the fans and players go wild. Also Raphael Kirby gave freshman TE Standish Dobard a big "welcome to college" crack on a pass over the middle. Dobard was down for a few minutes, but was able to walk off the field under his own power.
  • Rashawn Scott was the best receiver out there bringing in a handful of receptions and a TD. Phillip Dorsett was not in attendance he was competing in a track meet. Herb Waters and Allen Hurns had a couple of dropped passes each, we can't have that.
  • Duke Johnson did his thing but the running back that is standing out besides him is Dallas Crawford, he will get the 2 spot I'm assuming and get some decent time during the season. Also playing RB was Brandon Yosha and Danny Dillard, Eduardo Clements is expected back soon he is recovering from an injury and the freshman RB Gus Edwards is coming in over the summer.

         Be sure to follow me on twitter @KylePuma and also visit for more updates. Audio from after the scrimmage can be heard here via Brian Londons sound cloud:

Friday, March 29, 2013

Hurricanes Update Week Of 3/25

-Practice #8 for UM on Tuesday was "The best practice I have ever had with my years at Miami" according to head coach Al Golden. The tempo was great, the team has formed a good connection and when I spoke to Coach Golden and Coach D'onofrio they both agreed that this is a mature team that can accomplish a lot this year.  On this day Dyron Dye was not seen on the practice field, when asked about it Coach Golden replied "What we are going to do is just reserve for now, it is a significant injury and I don't want to put anything out until I hear from the medical people. When we do find out what it is we're going to put it out through Chris Freet and Chris Yandle." I was able to get some audio from Tuesday's practice it can be heard here from Brian "The Beast's" Londons sound cloud profile:

Al Golden-
Mark D'onofrio-
RB Dallas Crawford-
S Deon Bush-
WR Phillip Dorsett-

-Practice #9 for the Canes on Thursday was a big practice for recruiting.  Over 150 coaches and players were in attendance to watch the practice and enjoy a nice barbecue hosted by the UM staff. One recruit that was there was 5 star offensive lineman KC McDermott, little brother to current UM offensive lineman junior Shane McDermott. can confirm through sources that he has committed to The U, but it is not official yet. He will make his announcement Tuesday at his school in Palm Beach. Also something that stands out is that 5 star running back from American Heritage-Plantation Sony Michel was spotted at practice hanging out with Canes running back Duke Johnson. This is a huge prospect that all schools want in their football program and he is rumored to make his decision this April. His current top 5 choices are: UM, UF, FSU, Georgia and Notre Dame.
Other notable recruits there were:
-Jordan Cronkite
-Nigel Pattern
-Alin Edouard (Commit)
-Trevor Darling (Commit)
-Terry McCray
-Travonte Valentine

Thursdays practice included some fun for the players. The coaches had some of their biggest lineman lineup to catch punt returns, it was an amusing sight to see. That can be seen here along with film from the practice in this video put together by

Sunday, March 24, 2013

2013 Miami Hurricane "Real Deal" List

         After watching the 2013 Miami Hurricanes football team for the first time yesterday at the first spring scrimmage, certain players made their name stand out. With big time pays and displaying their athletic ability, they made what I call the Read Deal List. These are young players, either freshman or sophomores.

Linebacker Alex Figueroa Hit On Duke Johnson

  1. LB Alex Figueroa- The class of 2013 linebacker from Virginia early enrolled at The U and was able to participate in spring camp unlike other class of 13 players who will be coming in during the summer. If you refer back to my breakdown of the recruiting class of 13 I mention the power this kid has and how he plays with a mean personality. This showed early in the scrimmage when he delivered a huge goal line hit on star running back Duke Johnson. He is the definition of real coming in and laying players out. People were upset when Booker T Washington LB Matthew Thomas committed to FSU instead of UM, but don't be. "Fig" is here to put in some serious work. 
  2. TE Standish Dobard- Rocking #5 for the canes, Standish seems to be a fan favorite early on because of how much he displays his love for Miami. For a long time he has been saying he can't wait to make plays in Coral Gables as a freshman and from watching him yesterday it looks like he will. He  made a handful of catches yesterday but that's not what impressed me, his size and power is what did. One of his best contributions is blocking, he can light up linebackers of any size because of his strength. This will be great for our RB Duke Johnson who can get to the backfield quickly. 
  3. WR Herb Waters- Can you say fast? Quoted directly from head coach Al Golden "Herb Waters stepped up". Also quoted directly from Herb Waters "I feel like I had great day". Which he did, he had 4 receptions for 40 yards an 1 touchdown.  With him perfecting his craft it adds to our strong wide receivers line up, expecting a lot of receptions this year.
  4. DB Antonio Crawford- Crawford had 1 of 2 interceptions for the defense yesterday, along with multiple broken up passes.  Also got mentioned by head coach Al Golden as someone who stepped up, his energy was through the roof during the scrimmage. Looks like an every down defensive back who will make game changing plays in the future
  5. CB Tracy Howard- Former #1 rated DB in the country, a now sophomore at The U Tracy Howard has put on 20 pounds in this of season. His freshman year he didn't really have the size to keep up with the big boy receivers, but now he definitely does.  Yesterday he put a BIG hit on RB Dallas Crawford that made people realize he is here to put some players on the floor and earn his spot as a every down corner. 

     Some others that stood out to me were RB Danny Dillard who was really fast cutting to the outside with the ball. Also JUCO TE Beau Sandland who had the first touchdown of the day yesterday grabbing it straight out of the sky from a tipped ball, he's got the goods. I look forward to seeing these guys make big plays for the canes this year! Follow me on twitter @kylepuma for more updates & GO CANES!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


        The Miami Hurricanes had their first scrimmage of the 2013 football season today at Traz Powell Stadium. I was in attendance and was able to get onto the field after the game for some quick time with Head Coach Al Golden, QB Stephen Morris and RB Duke Johnson. Here's my recap of what I saw today from the Canes.

  • LB Jermaine Grace was there to watch his future team today, saw him before the game with a big smile throwing the U. Also there was recruit DB Alex Jasmine from Melbourne, he was invited to come to the scrimmage by coaches.
  • Per a website I work for, DL Dyron Dye suffered an achilles injury today, he is scheduled to have an MRI tonight. 
  • Malcolm Lewis did participate in pregame drills but did not play in the scrimmage. He was still in a yellow jersey (injury reserve) doing sprints behind the field goal post while the game was going on. Also in a yellow jersey was OL Shane McDermott.
  • Phillip Dorsett had his "bell rung" today after getting hit pretty hard while going for a pass. I'm guessing possible concussion but I have no word on what the official diagnosis is. 
  • As earlier reported, Brandon Linder was on crutches today. Word is that it's not serious, but he hasn't participated in any practices this week, including today's scrimmage.
  • Tracy Howard definitely looks bigger compared to last year, he had a HUGE hit on RB Dallas Crawford today that got the crowd pumped. 
  • Herb Waters is a guy who made his name stand out today. Great catches with lightning speed. He is the real deal. 
  • Probably one of the most important announcements today (sarcasm) is the new starting kicker will be Matt Goudis from California.
  • DB Antonio Crawford had a interception today on QB Stephen Morris, I was happy to see that, it was a big play.
  • As for the offensive line they look BIG and ready to dominate. I got to see Sonny Odogwu in action for the first time, he's not an immediate stand out but he is getting there. From the stands I can here Coach Kehoe yelling "Sonny get in there and block somebody!". The offensive line is going to be a strong area for the 2013 Canes because of their veteran leadership, majority are seniors. 
  • The defensive line is where the improvements need to be made. They need to be able to put pressure on the quarterback and create some havoc. In my opinion the best player at doing that today was Olsen Pierre, the man is a stud. He is big but also quick with his feet so he can get around the offensive guard and to the QB. Before Dyron Dye got injured he was making plays at defensive end, I really hope he is alright this could be a great year for him. 
  • One thing I can say I am really excited about for the first time in a while is our tight ends! I had high expectations for freshman Standish Dobard and he met them, add him to the "real deal" list. Also JUCO TE Beau Sandland impressed me, he had the first touchdown of the day off of a tipped pass in the end zone. Great body frame, expecting him to make plays early in the season along with Clive Walford who was stepping up his game at the end of last year. 
  • DE Anthony Chickillo is still in that limbo area. Not really the fastest DE out there but not really big enough to be a defensive tackle. He did have a tip ball for an interception today, I really like him personally and I hope he can have a breakout year given these challenges. 
  • My freshman MVP award goes to LB Alex Figueroa, possibly the realist on the "real deal" list. Even though he is a freshman, I think he could be our 2nd best linebacker behind Perryman, making plays & giving big hits on players including Duke Johnson. Not so upset about losing Eddie Johnson anymore. 
The next scrimmage will be April 5th in Naples, FL. I will be there to keep supporting the Canes and will have another blog entry after that game. Next spring practice is Tuesday which I will also be attending as media and I'm really excited about that. My video's can be seen below, follow me on twitter @kyepuma for more updates and most importantly GO CANES! 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

American Heritage Basketball- The Massey Twins

Justin (With Ball) & Jason Massey (Behind)
       Although the American Heritage basketball teams' season did not end the way they wanted it to, they had a tremendous year. Finishing at 21-8 the young team made it all the way to the 5A State Championship against Tampa Jesuit. TP (Tampa Jesuit) had an unbelievable game of shooting, making 53 percent (30-56) from the field and a ridiculous 60 percent (12-20) from beyond the arc. Heritage might not of walked away with the ring but they have plenty to look forward to in the future. The return of their starting point guard, sophomore Keyshawn Evans who had a season ending injury in the middle of the season, and the fact that all 5 of their starters are returning makes them my favorite to win the 5A state championship next year. From what I've seen, an obvious bond has been made between a talented group players including Jason Massey, Justin Massey, Drake Lamont, Kobe Eubanks & Josh Borders. 

       Among those players are twin brothers Justin & Jason Massey who happen to be childhood friends of mine. From a young age I could see their athletic ability at recess playing football and basketball. I remember playing with them and just knowing they were gonna be real successful one day. Although they went to a different school to pursue their career in basketball, we have kept in touch and I was able to speak with them about where they are now and what their plans are for the future. Both of them are being recruited by the University of Miami.

Me: You guys decided to transfer to American Heritage after your sophomore year at North Broward Preparatory School, why the school change & was it hard to make a connection with your new teammates?

Twins: "We felt we had a great opportunity to come to Heritage and have a strong team. We've known and played with some of the kids at Heritage prior to going there, so the connection was pretty smooth."

Me: You guys obviously had a great season with a tough schedule, what was it like to make it all the way to the state championship? 

Twins: "It really showed us what teamwork could do. That everything we had done all season came together to push us through our run in the playoffs. Then to play at the Lakeland Center was just the top of it all."

Me: Is the expectation next year to win state? And what will you guys do to make sure you make it back there.

Twins: "Yes we have a mindset that next year we want to bring back a state championship. Most teams want to think that way but we understand the effort that goes into it that will lead us back."

Me: You have told me before that you guys have been contacted by multiple colleges, what colleges are reaching out the most to you two?

Twins: "We receive the most calls/texts from UCF, FGCU, UM, Stetson & Jacksonville. We have also been contacted by Cornell, Yale & The University of San Francisco."

Me: I've known you guys for a long time and I know that you've played basketball together your entire lives, are you going to try and stay together in college or do you expect to go your  separate ways?

Twins: "As of now it would be great to be able to play together in college but it comes down to what is the best option. We would not hold each other back from being able to go to somewhere that is better, even if it means splitting up."

Final Note: The Massey twins are not only great on the court but also great people. I know they are extremely smart and just by the schools that are contacting you can tell they are bright kids. From a young age they always showed respect and presented themselves with class, always humble. I personally hope to see them in orange and green one day, but whatever school they decide to go to, they will be lucky to have them. I wish them the best of luck in their futures.